There are so many considerations and challenges surrounding the search for a place a senior can call home.  I experienced this first-hand with my aunt and uncle, as each transitioned into a new living environment that could assist them with their everyday needs. Not only was it an emotional and time consuming experience, in addition, upon visiting the different housing facilities, I discovered a great deal of variance in services, social settings, and the quality of care. I wish I could have had someone to help me identify appropriate options, accompany me on tours, and guide me through the paperwork once a decision was made. 


This experience sparked a passion in me to provide a service that would help to alleviate the angst one can experience during the process and so I started Optimal Senior Living Solutions. 

I set out interviewing seniors and their families about the challenges they experienced in their search; attended long term care seminars; received training in dementia; and observed top-notch experts in their day-to-day operations. The sum of my training and a Certificate in Gerontology, combined with my background as an accomplished small business owner and award winning teacher of 30 years, has provided me with the skilIs to work side-by-side with seniors and their families in creating a personalized prescription for finding an optimal place they can call home.

​- Vicki Owens, Founder


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