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Why use Optimal Senior Living Solutions instead of finding a housing option on ​our own?

We have a lot of experience in the coastal area and know what the best options are, versus the less-than-desirable ones. Our goal is to find the right fit for the client. Not every option is appropriate for any given client. Each client has unique needs and we do our best to ensure they will be happy in the option they choose. All of our services are at no-cost to you. We are paid a modest referral fee by the facility you choose.

How does Optimal Senior Living Solutions work?

- We’ve completed thorough onsite assessments of senior living options in the Orange County coastal area.  We happily do NOT work with all options.  We focus only on those with good reputations. 

- We assess the cognitive, social, physical and emotional needs of a client.

-  Relying on our thorough assessments we are able to narrow down all of the quality living options to just two or three that are best suited based on the needs of the client, along with availability, geography, budget, and community.

- Once you’ve made a decision, we help you with the paperwork to assure a smooth transition.

What’s the difference between Optimal Senior Living Solutions and a national referral company?

Optimal Senior Living Solutions believes in the personal touch.  We know how challenging this transition can be for both the senior and the family which is why we are by your side every step of the way. 

- We’re local… we live in this area and have intimate knowledge about the communities we serve vs. large national companies.

- We personally visit each housing option vs. relying on second hand information from a database.

- We meet with each person face to face to make sure we understand individual needs  vs. a phone interview.

- We schedule and attend tours with you, helping you ask the right questions so that all your concerns are addressed vs. making an appointment for you to tour the facility on your own. 

- We use a highly sophisticated assessment process and can suggest the best senior living options based upon multiple criteria vs. giving you a checklist to use as you drive from facility to facility.

- We provide unbiased, professional advice to help you gather information so you may choose the senior housing option which is best for your situation vs. sales consultants who are employed by specific facilities to guide clients to them.

- One of the biggest benefits of using Optimal Senior Living Solutions is that family members get to spend more time with their loved one and spend less time agonizing over assessing what’s needed, identifying options, driving around to various facilities, making the right decision the first time so that a senior doesn’t need to be moved again.

How can I be certain I make the right decision?

- We will be there with you every step of the way so you do not feel alone and unsupported during this process.

- We have already toured potential facilities and we know the best of what’s available.

- We set up tour appointments and will be there with you to help you ask the right questions which will then help you make the best decision.

- We are available anytime throughout the process to help answer questions.

How important is it to find out about a community’s culture?

For one’s overall health and well-being it’s vital to find a culture that matches one’s social and philosophical way of living.

What is independent living?

Independent Living is an option that combines the ease and comfort of community living with the independence of a private apartment. Independent Living is ideal for seniors who seek a simpler lifestyle but do not require around-the-clock assistance, though home care is often available. Seniors enjoy the comfort of having many daily tasks taken care of and they appreciate the security of live-in managers and emergency call systems. Seniors enjoy taking meals in the dining room, having transportation to medical appointments or shopping trips, full social calendars and housekeeping services.

What's the difference between skilled nursing/long term care and assisted living?

Skilled nursing facilities and long-term care options provide 24-hour nursing. Whereas, assisted livings provide 24-hour care and assistance with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting or incontinence care, meals and medication management. Often times assisted livings are a third to half the price of long-term care and have a better resident to caregiver ratio. That's why we do an assessment, to make sure that our clients are appropriate for assisted living and don't need long-term care. In most cases, assisted living is perfectly adequate.

What is a memory care facility?

A Memory Care Community is a place providing specialized care for seniors unable to communicate or in need of assistance with daily activities due to Alzheimer’s disease or other memory loss. The facility provides a safe and secure environment to protect residents who tend to wander. Staff members help residents cope with memory loss diseases through classes, programs and activities.

What are the typical costs of senior housing or care options?

The pricing of assisted living facilities can vary greatly, with multiple cost structures.  In Southern California fees start as low as $1300 and up to more than $6000 per month. 

- The average cost of home care is $20 per hour.

-  Budget can be the biggest driver and we will make sure you understand what that looks like in the long term

Can you help us with other aspects of moving?

We can refer you to other professional resources to assist you in the transition process.

Frequently Asked Questions

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